Friday, June 17, 2011

In the bag

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The lovely husband and I had a plan: he'd get back into the country. He'd pick up the kids after school. I'd get a few minutes extra at my desk and the gift of the rare silent drive home. He'd get to see the kids sooner. They'd get to see him.

Well, we got the first part accomplished without impediment. The lovely husband is back home.

As soon as I knew that the lovely husband had safely arrived stateside, I surprised the littles: "guess what? Daddy's going to pick you up after school today!"

I didn't get the reaction I anticipated. Instead, E scowled, and L, following her sister's lead, scowled, too. (G just said updowww, which is his new favorite word, which means that I am supposed to hoist his ridiculously heavy body up, and then down. These are the days that try men's mommies' souls biceps.)

E complained: No! You have to pick us up so Daddy doesn't see his Father's Day gift!

We considered. We deliberated. We negotiated.

"Well, what is his present? How big is it?"

We don't know! came the concerned voices of both girls. Their teacher had told them she wasn't telling them so that they wouldn't spoil the surprise. They were making it today.

In the end, we reached a compromise. I sent the girls to school with an empty tote bag. They could put the gift in there, and as long as they carried it themselves, their daddy could remain surprised. We even consulted with their teacher this morning. She said she'd help them fit their gifts in the bag.

And then, they realized they'd see their daddy today. Finally, gift-concealing successfully planned, they squealed with excitement.

To all the daddies out there and the families who love them, I hope you have a wonderful, squeal-filled, crisis-free Father's Day weekend.
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