Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The daycare administrator gave me a homework assignment and asked me to email her some photos of E as a baby. The photos will be used somehow in the preschool graduation ceremony at the end of the week.
March 2, 2006 - the first picture of us in which I look like I've taken a shower.

E would have been between five and six weeks old on that day. Isn't she a little pitzl there? Her brother was larger at birth than that little baby girl was at five weeks. Today she asked me to explain 'infinity' and how tickling works - why different touches feel different ways, and how our brains are in charge of what our skin understands. She asks questions more challenging than I can answer and when I'm not quick enough to provide, she asks in exasperation, can't you look it up on your phone?

She was so much quieter when she was five weeks instead of five years old. But she also spit up a lot, back then, so I'll stick with the big-girl model. Pin It