Sunday, May 22, 2011

Irish spring

We went to our town's annual parade today, whose chief feature is that every local business throws candy. It's like trick-or-treating from a camping chair on the sidewalk.

The karate studio came kicking through, and a local horse farm gave out stickers advertising free riding lessons. (The horses are very cloppy, L said.) There were a few marching bands and a military honor guard and then some other kind of honor-y kind of marching group looking like Revolutionary War characters, with red and tan uniforms and triangular black hats and wigs of tightly rolled gray curls.

One of the last performances came from an Irish dance troupe, and now both girls are saying they want to take Irish dance classes.

I thought at first that my girls just enjoyed the costumes, but after watching them stomp straight-backed all evening long, I think this may turn into a new obsession.

That music is just so aggressively cheerful, and I love the idea of them pursuing dance or other body-confidence-building endeavors, but I would prefer the karate kicks.
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