Friday, May 27, 2011

Home alone

I'm all alone in this house.

Do you know when that happens? Never.

The lovely husband got back into town and did what every modern-day knight in shining armor does: he offered to pick up the kids.

He intended to take them to the new grocery store in town, a shiny, organic-laden gem in a completely rebuilt plaza. He intended just to take them to the grocery store, but then they saw that the new ice cream shop next to the new grocery store is open, and then they saw that there's a new splash fountain between the new ice cream shop and the new grocery store, and then we still needed grapes. So I finished my work day and came home, alone, to the most golden silence.

It was a long week at work and it was a long week in life but now it's a three day weekend, and we have piles of fun plans with wonderful friends, and I'm going to send this past week flying swiftly into memory.

I went down into the basement where all the clean laundry is lying folded in piles, since I didn't put away a stitch of laundry this week, because this golden silence deserved nothing less than my very favorite pajama pants.

I was amused to find this:

In our dollhouse, you may sleep naked, but you must stay in separate beds no matter how seriously you flex your abs.

Sometimes, life brings you the feeling of being cold, exposed, and isolated.

And sometimes, life reminds you that not everything is a metaphor; a doll is just a doll; and a three-day weekend is a joy indeed.

Time to close the computer; I hear my kids giggling up the front walk. Pin It