Thursday, April 21, 2011

The high-hanging fruit

This is my friend Ciao Mom:

She's a bombshell, isn't she? Right now she's enjoying spring break with her family at some luxurious sunshine-filled resort in Mexico, dividing her days between beach and jungle, ancient ruins and pampering spa treatments, tropical foods and pool-side naps.

I'm wearing a sweater and eating matzah. That's fine, really.

Anyway, she didn't want her blog space to grow withered and pale like those of us who are still waiting for a taste of warm weather to enter our lives, so she has a series of women writing there all week on the theme of Reclaiming Me. I'm pretty sure a massage and a pool-side nap go a long way towards feeling reclaimed, so this is a woman who knows her content. I have a post up there today. Go read it!

It's about a little furniture restoration project. It's not a pluckable mango, but it's something. Pin It