Friday, April 22, 2011


I awoke this morning to the feeling of being watched. Openng my eyes, I found L's nose an inch from mine.

Mama, I have a stummyache, she said.

(Remedial lesson: stummy = stomach+tummy.)

Groggy and still unbespectacled, I scooped her up beside me on the bed. I felt her forehead and tried to wake up enough to speak.

"Are you okay, love? Does anything else hurt?"

No, just my belly.

I start saying mama things. "Do you need a drink? Do you think you might need to poop? Do you want me to rub it?"

She looked at me with purpose. I know what's wrong. I know what it needs.

"What does it need, love?"

With solemn eyes she told me, it needs...


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