Sunday, March 20, 2011

The same daily balance I strive for myself

E is really sensitive to how her clothing feels on her body. We're in a tricky spot right now because she's juuuust beginning to outgrow her size 5s, and their tightness makes her uncomfortable. The size 6s, though, are juuuust a little too big. Then she's uncomfortable with the way the fabric swings loosely on her.

She's been eyeing an outfit on the size 6 side of her closet, and we took it down today to try it on. I watched her dress in it, arranging it for her comfort. Suddenly her baby belly is entirely gone. In the window's light against her tummy I can see angular muscles behind her skin. She's always folded her waistline under her baby belly, and suddenly she's flat. She can't figure out now how to arrange pants against her new form.

They're making me crazy! she always complains when an ankle seam is too binding or a pant leg isn't fitted enough. It makes her crazy if a waist digs in to to her skin or the crotch is too baggy (but really, who loves a baggy crotch?). She wears a second pair of underpants on top of her tights or leggings sometimes, just to avoid the bagginess.

She considered the new outfit carefully.

"What do you think, love?" I asked.

Well, I love it, so it makes me happy, but the pants are a little loose and those make me crazy.

"Do you want to wear it, or should we put it back in the closet for now?"

Well, it makes me a little crazy, but it makes me more happy. I'll wear it.

So in these particular pants, on this particular day, the happy outweighs the crazy. That's the perfect measure of a good day, I think. Pin It