Thursday, March 17, 2011

A new tactic

When L's temper got the best of her this evening, we went straight home. I sat her at an empty kitchen table with a stack of white paper and a handful of black crayons and I told her to color until she got the angry feeling out of her.

It must be so frustrating to be three. Her ideas are enormous and her feelings are genuine. Her skills at explaining them to the people around her haven't caught up yet to the complexity of her emotions.

The kitchen table is for all practical purposes the center of our home, so to say we ignored her would be inaccurate. But we left her alone while we unwound our day around her. Her brother's shoes and socks came off. Her sister's dolls played on another kitchen chair. I sorted mail and her daddy started dinner and she colored, hard.

After about ten minutes, as we put G in his high chair and prepared to set E's noodles and mango entree around the periphery of crayon work, L looked up and announced that she was finished.

I got all the angryness out, Mama. Can I please have some mango, too?

And our sweet, sunny-dispositioned Ladybug was back. Pin It