Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scene from a sometime-long-distance marriage in the electronic age

The lovely husband has been in New York City for meetings. The youngest child has been sick all week. The younger two children woke up at 4am today and did not go back to sleep. The mama feels the beginnings of sickness now swamping up inside her. The lovely husband is scheduled to return home tonight. His ticket is booked for a flight that would bring him home after the kids' bedtime, but every so often the Manhattan Rush Hour Traffic Deities take pity on the Beleaguered Maryland Mama and dispatch him quickly to the airport that he may jump on an earlier flight and rush home, rescuing his damsel in distress. Will it happen tonight? They converse in electronic fragments:

Lovely Husband (LH): In car to airport.
Last appt was on E85. Never leave from this far north.
Car just took 92nd to get to river and passed your neighborhood. Saw the pizza place. Best pizza ever.

Robin (R): Awww...

LH: If seats available, will be on time for 6 flight

R: how do I check if seats are available? what airline, etc?

LH: I should be good.

LH: Got seat and new boarding pass. Security line a little long, but I'm good. Still have 25 mins.

LH: US air flight 2185. Not sure if on time, but if yes then land at 7:15, home around 8:15

R: website says it's on time

LH: On plane. Will call your cell when I land.

R: you are a good man. now just don't crash.

LH: Out of my hands. I gave you flight number so you can find out if I crash. My job is done.

R: Well, thank goodness you'd die with a clear conscience.

LH: Why do I have to die? Why can't I be a survivor?
Ever hear of Miracle on the Hudson?

R: outwit outplay outfly?

LH: All I'm saying is that it was a USAir flight that left from LaGuardia.

LH: Love ya. Time to shut off phone.

Gratefully, the mama can now post this conversation. The daddy's plane has landed and he is on the way home.

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This Heavenly Life said...

I laughed heartily around 'out of my hands'. Ya'll are a hoot :)