Thursday, January 27, 2011

Registration notice

When we took the girls for their cleanings a few weeks ago, the dentist mentioned to E that after she turned five, she might begin to lose her baby teeth. Accordingly, she should be on the lookout for evidence of an initial visit from the Tooth Fairy. Tooth Fairies, Dr. Richie said, sometimes like to to do a fly-by so they know where they'll be visiting, not unlike taking a kindergarten tour before September arrives.

E immediately asked how the tooth fairy would know when she turned five. I told her not to worry; we'd send in her enrollment forms for the Tooth Fairy Network and she'd be set. And then she turned her attention to screaming because she doesn't like the feeling of having her teeth cleaned, so the subject of the Tooth Fairy was abandoned.

Until last night.

When we got home from E's birthday dinner, she found something in her room.

 A bundle of balloons was floating just beneath the ceiling. It was anchored by something that was resting on her pillow.

Someone didn't make her bed yesterday.

It was another pillow, smaller, and it had a fairy on it. 

When E flipped it over, she found a small pocket sewn on the back. It contained a scroll, although we'd learn that it's customarily meant to hold something else.

There was a message inside:

Dear E,
Happy birthday and congratulations on your enrollment with the Tooth Fairy Network! We look forward to doing business with you.
your Tooth Fairy


As I snuggled E to sleep last night, she pulled my finger to her lips.

Mama, feel! I think this bottom tooth is a little wiggly.

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Sammy K said...

What a great idea! So cute! Happy Birthday E!

LazyBones said...

That is so freakin' cute! Makes me look forward to all the fun things in store as mine get older!

Ninotchka said...