Monday, September 6, 2010

The end of summer

At the beginning of summer I was just returning to work after maternity leave. We were still trying to find our rhythm as a family of five. That was so long ago.

Find the tiny baby in this post-partum picture.

At the end of summer, E had learned to ride a bike.

Not looking back.

L has graduated from diapers to pull-ups to underpants.
She hides from something scary as her sister tells a story.

G has learned to crawl. He went from cuddly lump to ground-level Godzilla.
His shirt says 100% SWEET, and he is, if you overlook his teething on the step, because if you factor that in he probably tastes like sawdust.

They're such different people after only three months. What a fun summer it's been. Pin It