Thursday, January 14, 2010

An ode to seat warmers

The lovely husband, while driving home, calls from his wireless capabilities but quickly ends the call. “I have to go now. I’ve gone twelve miles so it’s time to get more gas.” He’s not in love with his minivan yet.

(Even though it’s what he picked.)
(Except for the color. E picked the color.)
(After she found out purple and pink weren’t options.)
(And stomped around awhile about that.)

I never wanted a minivan; I had steered him toward wider cars that would accommodate a second row of three carseats.

Turns out, in the ‘size matters’ game of life, he’s a length instead of width kind of guy.

I wouldn’t be a happy minivan driver, either. But turns out, I’m a minivan-spouse kind of girl. He drives. I relax for a mobile day at the spa.

Two words:
Tushie warmers.

Did you know that the heating element leaps past the terminus of the seat and climbs into the chair back, warming the lower third of your torso?

Tushie warmers: they're not just for tushies anymore!

Is there any mama lower back that isn’t a tired lower back?
Is there any pregnant pelvis that isn’t a sore and tired pelvis?

Tushie warmers, my friends.

Send your partners to buy minivans.

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