Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's my birthday

It's my birthday and I'm 34 today and I love birthdays; do you? I love birthdays because everyone takes time to show you a kindness and there's cake and presents and I got to sleep in until I wanted to be not sleeping. If you were here and I said to you, "guess what? It's my birthday?" you would have said, "oh! Happy birthday!" or some other such kind thought and I would have said "thank you" and we would have exchanged pleasantries and felt warmly toward each other and that's a perk of birthdays.

I spent the day with my lovely husband and vibrant children so I didn't really speak with you today, but maybe you left me a voicemail or a text or maybe you facebooked me and you've already said "happy birthday!" and that means you thought of me today, you took a moment from your life to place some happiness into mine. That was so nice of you, and you made me smile.

And have I told you about the sleeping? I slept today. I slept in this morning past 10am. I can, you know, because it's my birthday.

It's been my birthday since Thursday night because that's the good thing about having a birthday the day after a national holiday that's also a religious holiday but not your own religious holiday. I take the whole weekend for my birthday, every year. It's my birthday, so who would argue? Sometimes I let my birthday continue until just after New Year's. I'm not trying to be greedy, but there's no reason not to -- it is a festive time of year.

My kids surprised me with a chocolate-candy-covered chocolate-frosted chocolate cake and they stuck 34 candles in it and they sang Happy Birthday to me after their daddy lit the candles for them. And then they said, let's blow out all her candles! and they did while I laughed. They're impulsive and assumptive and genuinely happy for me, and for my birthday. And while I never got a chance to make a wish it's okay, because they're my wish I never knew I even wished come true, anyway. And then they asked, next year, can we put 35 candles on your cake? And I said, "sure!" because that's the fun of birthdays.

The thing about my birthday that's better than your birthday is that it falls at the end of the year. It's tidy for the thinking. I can be all reflective about the past year. I can think about 2010 or I can think about being 33 but it's all the same thinking. Every year is a year of magical thinking, that way. This was a good year, and that's a nice thing to realize when you get to your birthday.

I survived being pregnant in the blizzards and had our last baby and found some cherish-worthy new friendships and laughed a lot with my lovely husband and deported some baggage-ish inhibitions and snuggled my children and delighted in them when I wasn't exasperated by them and it was a good year, 2010/33. That means 2011/34 is starting from a good place. It's nice to feel optimistic, on a birthday day of reflection and projection.

I love birthdays; don't you? They're cake and frosting and wishes made with or without candles and hand-lettered rainbow markered cards and no-share chocolate pizza and the promise of more of this good life. I'm 34 today, and emphatically happy. Happy my birthday to you and to me. I feel good about my 34 and our 2011; don't you? Pin It


This Heavenly Life said...

I do -- because your joy is quite infectious today, and why shouldn't it be?! It sounds like your celebration weekend has been beautiful :)

Happy Birthday, my friend!

taracita said...

That cake is so gorgeous, that at first, I thought it was a stock photo! Enjoy your cake, your fam, your lovely husband, and your birthday, mama!

Emily said...

It's probably a good thing that we don't ever actually see each other in person because I tend to get all mushy about other peoples' birthdays and your birthday weekend might completely undo me. Even now I'm resisting the giddy impulse to type out the 'Happy Birthday' song in its entirety (trust me, I'm singing it to you in my head and my mental image of myself is sort of bouncing up and down: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!)

Instead, let me just tell you that YES! SLEEP! I think the gift of "sleep as long as you want to in the morning" is my absolute favorite thing about celebrating birthdays as a mom! If I were you I would've eaten a piece of that delicious-looking cake, snuggled my babies for awhile, kissed my husband and then crawled back into bed for a nap, too. I'm glad you're having such a happy day! I'm thinking about you!

Okay, I can't resist just *one* decorative flourish...Happy Birthday, Robin!*!*~*!*~*!*~*! Happy Birthday!*~*!*~**!*~**!*~**!

SmartBear said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Robin! It sounds so lovely and that cake is adorable. I am so jealous of your sleep. That is the best gift ever!
Enjoy your birthday weekend! many exclamation points can I use in one comment?
It is your birthday after all. Exclamation points are due!!!