Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3:30 am

As babies go, G has been our mellowest. But this past week he's decided to test that reputation. He has begun expressing a strong preference for the lovely husband at sleeping times, although he'll happily play with me or let me feed him. The lovely husband has suffered for this, because that means I've been sleeping through the night much more than he has, of late.

But what happens when two children are awake?

At 3:30am, G started crying. We think he's close to popping tooth #6 but right now he's just whimpery and not-deep-sleeping-y. His cries woke L, who popped out of her room and announced her awakeitude and declared her intentions to go downstairs. The lovely husband has an intricate system for dealing with her insomnia where he positions her on the couch with pillows and blankets and a dimly-lit room and her cartoons at low volume and he tried to take her downstairs as I shushed G. But G would have none of it; he bucked and writhed and screamed from my arms, reaching towards his daddy. So I took L downstairs and she's on her third show; she's wide awake and eating a snack and telling me about playing dinosaur at school yesterday and the lovely husband will give me some critical piece of advice later, in the debriefing, about how he secretly pushes her "off" button in these insomniac episodes, but clearly I've toggled the wrong switch.

So now the lovely husband, who has not come to address the awakeitude of his second child, must be alseep in the rocking chair upstairs, holding his third child. L is fully upright and bouncing and yelling at Swiper on the screen. I am blogging and pondering that I don't really love starting my day two hours before the alarm I usually ignore with at least three snoozes sings its initial reverie. And E, who had wandered in several hours earlier, while I was still there, is blissfully asleep, not even realizing she has the entire king-size bed to herself. Pin It


JYAA said...

We were up at the same time with Bean and Puppy, somehow we have to coordinate this better! The ONLY thing going for them is that they are cute...well maybe not the only, just most important! Insomnia sucks! I luv you;)

SmartBear said...

Okay...would you be mad that I am a little jealous of this madness? :)

Laura said...

Lack of sleep is no fun. I don't know how kids do it. How they wake up and it's time to eat and play like the missing 4 hours are no big deal. It's amazing. I try to remind myself one day they'll be a teen and I won't be able to get them out of bed lol. Sneak a nap : )