Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Subcutaneous gratitude

The facts are these:
  1. We've already been eating turkey for the past two weekends. 
  2. Thanksgiving is, in our house, a nuclear family holiday.
So when I thought no little ears were perked I said quietly to the lovely hustand, "so what do you want to do on Thursday? Do you still want turkey?"

Little ears are mighty ears and the protest came swiftly. But we need turkey! I was surprised, and questioned the protester. "We do, love? You don't even eat the turkey. I'm happy to make it if you want but tell me why you think we need it."

I like sticking the green in it. I want to do it again.

Two Sundays ago my friend D. came over and we made a turkey together because D. had never made a turkey before and she was hosting early Thanksgiving. Our turkey was just a practice bird, but E loves a kitchen project and got right in the bird with D. We picked some of the last herbs from our garden, I minced them and blended them with olive oil and seasonings, and then I was going to suggest that D. stuff them under the skin.

D. never got a chance because E took over.

So the facts are these:
  1. We will indeed be having (another) turkey this Thursday because
  2. I have a kid who wants to stick the green in
and who could say no to that?

I am grateful this Thanksgiving for my quirky first-born child who won't eat cooked turkey but will happily touch it raw, and also for those other two, the kids who, come Thursday, will actually eat it. Pin It