Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ladybug girl

Last month L made a big leap from the 2s classroom to the 3s class. She's had a bit of an adjustment, as in this class there is more structure and more implementation of a formal academic curriculum. The whole school has had an adjustment in tandem with her, because the 3s class meets on one half of a very large room. The other side is occupied by the 4s-5s class: E's class. For the first time in years, there are siblings in the two age groups sharing the room. While the two classes operate independently for the formal instruction portions of the day, the girls move fluidly back and forth to each other. The teachers and director and I agree that nobody should tell the sisters that they have to stay apart from each other, so the teachers have had to adjust to this new arrangement, as well.

The noteverstill girls: bringing juice boxes and entropy to a preschool near you.

In the past two weeks L has grown noticeably more comfortable in her new environment and we wanted to acknowledge her success. She had been using an old ladybug lunch bag but it had contained so many spills that no amount of washing could eliminate the spoiled milk odor. She had been asking for a backpack instead, like E has, and we told her that if that meant she'd carry her own bag she was big enough for a backpack.

Behold, a ladybug on my Ladybug (yes, again with the firefighter boots):

Do you believe that little pixie will be three years old next month?

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Anonymous said...

Our just turned two year old and three (almost four) year old are in neighboring classes at the same preschool, and sometimes they talk the teachers into letting them nap next to each other. They would never do this at home, but they are very sweet together at school.

If the younger can finish potty training soon he will get to join the older class while big sister is still there... major motivation for him!

Good luck with the shared proximity classes...