Sunday, October 31, 2010

A very scary spiderweb

The day began like any other. The children awoke early and loudly. The mama woke slowly and with slightly less enthusiasm.

Before the mama even had water boiling for tea, the screaming began.

It's Halloween! IT'S HALLOWEEN!

Can we put our costumes on now?

When are our friends coming over?

Is it time to make the ghost cookies?

Is it time for trick-or-treating?

The mama needed her tea, and she needed to impose some order. Quickly.

"Crazy monkeys!" she called to her rambunctious daughters. "This is the plan for today."

"I am telling you right now that even though we sometimes skip naps on Sundays, you will both nap today if you want to go out trick-or-treating."

The monkeys screeched and the tea kettle shrieked. It was the mama's own house of horrors.

"And," she continued, "because anyone who takes her nap will be trick-or-treating late tonight, we're going to do baths in the morning today."

The monkeys quickly reverted to their natural state. They got naked.

The mama was not ready to climb back upstairs, but she knew that two agreeably naked monkeys was an opportunity to ge seized. Without even her tea in hand, she followed two wiggly bottoms up the stairs. She began to run the water.

The older daughter, as is her custom, climbed in the bath immediately to stake her claim on her favorite toys. The younger daughter, as is her custom, stood next to the tub, waiting for the water to fill.

Suddenly the older daughter cried out in alarm. Mama! Something is growing on her belly! Look!

So the mama looked, and indeed it appeared that something had infested the younger daughter's bellybutton. Had a spider grown a web there? Had flies built a little nest?

The older grew worried. Did something try to turn her into a mummy?


The mama tried to question her infected, or perhaps parasitic, younger daughter. "Honey, did you feel a bug bite you? Is it itchy? Please let me see."

The younger daughter squirmed but wouldn't speak. The air grew tense with worry.

The mama wasn't sure what to do. She turned off the running water as a momentary distraction. In the silence that followed, everyone's concern grew.

Was she being eaten alive from the inside out? Would she survive the day? It was shaping up to be a very scary Halloween, indeed.

Finally, the younger daughter spoke. Oh! I remember what happened!

The mama and the older daughter held their breaths.

Yesterday night when I was doing my project? I was doing my glue work. And I filled my bellybutton with glue!

And then very calmly she climbed in the bath and the very scary glue spiderweb washed away.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh.....and where else in your household is there glue in an inappropriate place???? :)

Emily said...

Yikes! For a minute there I was really scared. I mean, I totally didn't see that one coming!

JYAA said...


Did I ever tell you about my crazy glue and belly button story?

Luv you.

Nonnash said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
I am laughing silent, at work, tears with this one. Way to create L!