Sunday, October 10, 2010

Support your local farm

It's become a tradition: on a sunny day in October we go apple picking. Last year both girls were very industrious and G was still in my belly. This year G kicked contentedly in the stroller. E's first priority was a snack:
but then she picked and picked
while L snacked.
They picked and picked together

and then L decided to give back. (The potty training, it's still an imperfect thing.)
One quick field change from wet unders to emergency pull-up (and a quick shot of vitamin D for a pale tushie) and we could carry on like nothing had ever happened.

I think, I mean I'm not sure but I think -- that must be what the farmers mean when they use the phrase "natural crop management." Pin It


SmartBear said...

LOL! That is so cute! We just did the apple orchard thing a couple of weeks ago. It was our first time and so much fun! The beauty of having a boy? When he's gotta go...find a tree little man.
(I didn't really. I would never. Really. Honest.) ;)
P.S. Apple picking makes for some awesome snapshots! Those tots are precious!

Laura said...

I love the pics! Too cute. You guys are so lucky we can't pick the apples at our local orchard, only the pumpkins. Still fun though.