Monday, October 11, 2010

I believe: heterosexuality is not a more successful or valid 'option'

October is filled with commemorations for important causes, isn't it? Let's explore some this week.

Today is National Coming Out Day and at face value, this has little to do with me. I'm as hetero-boring as it gets. But I'm horrified by the disparity of rights afforded to different sub-groups of law-abiding people in our country. And not just disparity of rights -- disparity of tolerance, disparity of respect, disparity of encouragement and support and opportunity.

I didn't change my Facebook status because I always think, for every cause: does changing my Facebook status really support anything? Does telling you my bra color support breast cancer? I don't play those games. But I'll say it here because maybe this one does matter, despite my questioning its irrelevance. Maybe someone in my life needs me to say explicitly:

I am a straight ally and today is National Coming Out Day. I'm coming out for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality because LOVE is more powerful than hate and intolerance.

I have gay friends who have known me half of my life. I have gay friends who are indispensable confidantes. I have gay friends who are brilliant colleagues. I have gay friends who are dedicated, loving parents, and my kids have friends who have nurturing same-sex parents.

I also have straight friends who cheat on their husbands and straight friends who are lazy and straight friends who probably wouldn't want to think about whom we mutually know who is gay.

I also have a few people in my life who are so private about their interests and circumstances that nobody knows which orientation prefix to afford them. I only hope they're private because they place a premium on privacy, and not because they feel the need to keep their orientation a secret.

I don't judge you (anybody) for being gay or straight. I hope you know that.

Although I totally judge you for what chocolate you eat, and how generously you share it. I know what really matters. Pin It