Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hollow eyes

Ever since we went pumpkin picking, the girls have been begging to carve a jack'o'lantern. So the other night, we did. Here's how it went down:

1. Mama, please can we carve a pumpkin? PLEASE CAN WE CARVE A PUMPKIN??!!??!!??!!?

2. "Don't bump me. This is a huge, very sharp knife."

3. Ooh, slimy!! I'm not touching that!

4. Ooh, super duper duper DUPER slimy! I'm not touching that, either!

5. "Draw together on paper to figure out what it should look like, ok? Remember we're just doing one pumpkin so you have to agree."

6. I want a round eye in another eye.

6a. "Huh?"
6b. A round eye in another eye!

7. But I want an oval eye.

6c. "What does that mean!?

7a. Mama! I want my eye oval. Did you hear me?
7b. "Yes, love. I'll try to make the eye on your side an oval."

6d. An eye in an eye. Are you listening to me?
6e. "Oh, I'm trying, love. Can you draw it to show me?"

8. I want a square nose.

9. Well, I want a triangle nose.
6f. See my eye?

10. "I'll make a crooked nose that's a little square, a little triangle, okay?"
6g. "I'll try to do that. Be patient with me, please."

11. I want a friendly smile.

12. I want a scary smile.

13. "What do you think?"

14. Let's light it!

15. What's that?

16. "It's a battery-operated light to use instead of candles. It's supposed to be safer."

17. I don't like it. It's not very bright.
17a. Yeah! It's not bright at all!
17b. It's supposed to be bright.
17c. "I'll get a candle."

18. "Good night. Go to sleep. I love you."

19. "Good night. Go to sleep. I love you."

20. Why does my skin itch so much?
Oh. There are dried pumpkin guts on my shoulder.

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Emily said...

I love it! All of it! From the execution to the design...terrific! Happy Halloween!