Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glass in her bed

The lovely husband is Away again, to the land of Work. The second child does not care for this arrangement.

She's always been a daddy's girl, and that's fine and that's sweet when he's here but the problem is that he is so often Not Here. And then she's inconsolable. If she is generally kept happy everything proceeds smoothly but as soon as she's tired or her sister won't trade chairs on her whim or I deny chocolate milk because it's too close to bedtime, she begins to moan.

Daddddy. Daaaadddyyyyyyy.

She sounds like a ghost, except that she sits right in front of me as she cries.

It used to be worse because now she is, if this is a consolation, at least old enough that she understands that he is absent. Until recently his departures meant that she'd scream for him, expecting her cries to pull him back into the room.

So these piteous, heart-wrenching moans are a big improvement.

She asked this morning if we could call him but I had to say, "we can't, love, he's in a meeting right now." She responded, but I need to talk to him. I want to tell him he is taking TOO LONG to come home.

Last night when she was upset about his absence at bedtime I found a small framed picture of M from his childhood and I put it on her nightstand. This brought her some comfort, knowing he was looking over her while she slept.

Tonight it wasn't enough. She cradled the picture frame itself, sharp aluminum corners and all, as she moaned about his absence. I tried to remove the print from the frame but she insisted it be kept intact. I thought I'd sneak it out of her arms once she fell asleep but when I just checked on her, she was still hugging it.

Two more days, sweet girl. Two more days.

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SmartBear said...

Oh, poor sweet thing. And poor Mama! My son is definitely prefers his father over me. He makes sure I know this when I give him an answer he doesn't like.
"I go ask Papa now!"
Hope the husband gets home safe and sound...and soon.
P.S. I was serious about submitting some post for From The Monkey Bars. You are an amazing writer Robin. Pretty please?

Lenae said...

This is too sweet, Robin! Wanting to call him at work? Sleeping with his picture?! Darling. Seriously. To read about, but maybe not to deal with ;)