Saturday, October 16, 2010


If L's clothes have pockets she comes home with rocks. She rolls them carelessly among her fingertips like men jingling change. Sometimes she presents them with great ceremony: Mama, I got these for YOU! But by then, they're already an afterthought. The appeal for L in the rocks is in the acquiring, not in the keeping.

I started to put a load of laundry in the machine when I heard the sound. Normally I just empty her rocks into the garbage can that sits right across from the laundry closet but tonight I decided to try something different. "L," I called, "come do something with these." I was curious to see what would happen.

Okay, Mama! She filled her round fists. I got the laundry started and went to tidy up the dining room. There, on the sideboard, on top of the clean serving dishes I was just about to put away, she had discarded her collection.


A couple of weeks ago at school one of the teachers was discarding a bunch of old office supplies when E stopped her. Can I have those? she asked. "Sure, I guess," said her teacher, handing her a pair of thick, old, dirty rubber bands, the industrial ones that might be wrapped around a bulk mailing or other heavy bundle.

She wears them every day as bracelets, fully knowing that they are not bracelets. And she named them, of course. I say, "c'mon, E, are you ready yet?" And she'll say, I'm coming! I just have to get my Mr. and Mrs. Rubberband!


G spent all day crawling around clutching a pair of his sister's rainbow-striped underpants. I don't know where he got them, and I don't know if they're clean or dirty. Pin It

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iamwoman said...

super cute! I just read your birth story on Design Mom and you totally had me captivated. Great post! (my birth story was posted a few months ago but yours is way cooler;)