Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who's on first (wild, wild west edition)

Her: Let's talk like cowboys.

Me: Okay.

Her: Howdy, pardner!

Me: Howdy, ma'am.

Her: MAN? Mommy, no, I'm not a man. I'm a girl cowboy.

Me: Then you're a cowgirl?

Her: You knew that? Then why did you call me a man?

Me: No, love, MA'AM. It's a polite way of addressing a woman.

Her: Addressing? Mommy. Pardner Mommy, no. We're not playing post office, we're playing cowboys.

Me: Sorry, ma'am.

Her: Maybe we should just play robots. Because they're not girls or boys. So you won't be so confused. Pin It


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

It is all quite confusing, isn't it, man? I mean ma'am.

(thanks for the giggle!)

Uncle Matt said...

Knowing the linguistic patterns in your household, I would have bet on at least one "dude" in that discussion.

JAS said...

Lol Matt!! So true.

Angela J Reeves said...

Being from Texas (which is still solidly ma'am territory), this cracked me up more than I explain. I reposted to Facebook - I love it sooooo much!

Also, last week, one of my friends reported this conversation with her 4.5 year old, which may prove that robots solve everything:

Girl: (showing wand) I'm magic, like the Fairy Godmother! Make a wish!

Mommy: I wish you would wave your magic wand and make the house clean!

Girl: (waving wand) I make you a robot. Clean the house, robot!

SmartBear said...

Niiiice! I'm also laughing because my tot says "ma'am" as "man".
Happy weekend,

Margaret said...

Just hope she doesn't get into Dr. Who.