Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature abhors a vacuum

We were having one of those circular conversations that are so particular to mommies and their two-year-olds. "Love, brush your teeth already."

But I am.
"No, you're not, sweetie. Start brushing." But I can't! "Why not?" Because I do not have any toothpaste. "Well, get some toothpaste!" I cannot reach it. "Hon, what have you been doing? Here's the toothpaste." I was eating my cheese stick. "What cheese stick? Here, I put toothpaste on your toothbrush. Now brush your teeth." But I am!

[Momentarily, I turn my back to her.]

"Love, you're still not brushing. What are you doing?" Getting my cheese stick. I'm all done with it.

[She hands me a quarter of a cheese stick.]

You eat it because I am brushing!

I pop it in my mouth. It doesn't taste great...metallic?  Kind of...gritty? Mentally I think to check the expiration date on the package when I go downstairs again, feeling a little frustrated. I think this was a brand new package of cheese sticks.

See, Mommy! I'm brushing, now that I'm not holding my cheese stick. "Wait, you were never holding a cheese stick. Where was it?" Well, I needed to put it down to get my toothbrush. I put it in there.

[She gestures. I look blankly. She sticks her finger in, pointedly.]

I always put my cheese stick in there! Pin It


SmartBear said...

The picture that makes me laugh out loud. That is PRICELESS!
She is very resourceful!

Lenae said...

Hahahahahaha! Wow. This is one story that will never get old ::)

Jenny said...

LOL Cute! :)