Monday, July 5, 2010

Dressed for success

To go for an evening walk with your family, it is essential to assemble the proper garb. First, remove your capris and don some purple pajama pants. Ignore the matching purple pajama shirt and instead find a too-big pink t-shirt from an older friend's birthday party. Don't remove your white tank top. Grab your favorite backpack and assemble your essentials: a sticker book, three rocks and a small stuffed animal. Wear your backpack on your back and then wear the pink t-shirt over it. See? It's not too big after all. Wear it backwards. When your family speculates on the reason, divulge nothing. You might be rallying for extra ice cream or on an undercover op or flashing your gang sign, but just let them keep guessing. It's safer that way. Put seven clips in your hair, all by yourself, because you want to look good for the neighbors. And no matter what, don't forget your stethoscope. You never know when there might be a medical emergency.

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