Thursday, July 22, 2010

The best laid (dinner) plans

Tonight we all went to the lovely husband's office for their big summer party. Now, if there is a downside to being as DC as we are, it's that I can't tell you the name of his employers and praise their party-making ways to you. We had a wonderful night. It's a very family-friendly organization but it's also an organization that does not skimp; those two qualities together made for a very sweet evening.

It was billed as a summer barbecue, and as such we planned to feed our kids from the offerings. And the offerings were good. There was a large grill where meat was constantly sizzling; there was pulled brisket and roasted vegetables and corn on the cob. There were kiddie drinks and grownup drinks. There were tableclothed tables and an intern playing laptop DJ on a big fancy sound system and my kids paid attention to none of that. They claimed their door prizes - every kid was given a $15 gift certificate to either Amazon or iTunes - and then they focused on the important stuff: the cotton candy spinner and the sno cone machine and the popcorn popper and the platters of watermelon and cookies. I think E ate four sno cones which didn't seem unreasonable given that we were (in the shaded) outdoors and it was 100 degrees. L approached the buffet and served herself a large plate of ketchup, but that was as close as she ever got to the proteins.

They couldn't be convinced to sit down. There was a face painter and a moon bounce and an inflatable slide and an inflatable maze and basketball and football tosses and there was still the face painter, whom the girls reinvented as a full body painter. They had decorated faces, yes, but also decorated shins and decorated forearms and decorated biceps and E was contemplating the backs of her hands but the painter had the audacity to pack her pigments and leave. We had so much fun; even baby G was loved up by all of the lovely husband's work friends who haven't seen him since his bris. He was passed and shared and cuddled and squeezed and then I took him into the dance area and danced with him until he fell asleep right on my shoulder and I thought, there should be more summer nights where I dance my baby to sleep on my shoulder under city lights and distant stars.

We got home late, well past the girls' bedtimes. We burst out of the garage and into the kitchen and immediately they both said, We're starving. Can we have dinner now? Pin It


Inna said...

sounds like a wonderful summer night!

a li'l bit squishy said...

Seriously, almost wet myself laughing. Because it's so darn true!! ALL the good food in the world in one place and my children can't sit still long enough to eat it.

And also I agree, there should be more summer nights of dancing your baby to sleep because babies grow up into squirmy toddlers and determined preschoolers and kids that are just to big to lift FAR TOO QUICKLY.