Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For yesterday

Yesterday was Perfectly Poetical Tuesday: Free Verse Edition. Unfortunately, timeliness is not my strong suit as of late.

Child limbs grow
in opposition
to tree limbs.
Trees spend winter naked
and vulnerable,
showing the world
all of their bark.
Child limbs hide
under denim
and corduroy
and fleece
keeping their secrets
away from curious eyes.

There are times, of course,
when the emperors have no clothes
and those limbs parade with
trunks and toes,
prancing their secrets in the disguise
of plain sight.
But it's hard to focus on the quiet lengthening of forearm
or thinning of baby fat folds in a thigh
amidst the riot of hair that needs detangling
and belly that needs lotion rubbed
or cuts that need cleaning
and backs that need tickle scratches
and so the tricky limbs
lurking always in the foreground
never reveal a whit of changing.

The tree limbs show spring
by hibernating
under new growth.they're warm weather recluses.and
the unfurling greenery masks
their very presence.that's just how they like it, of course.

Child limbs emerge in increments.
Sockless ankles.
Cap sleeves.
Tank tops.

Tree limbs slink away
in moments.dew falls on buds that
open on blossoms that
shed petals like bridal rice.and in that
magic act of deception,
nobody ever looks up until
the framework is erased.the warmth's
green awning is entirely erected.

Child limbs unfurl
against the days of warming
until, fully exposed
they declare
Winter is Over

and I, Limb
am an inch longer
than the last time
you looked at me

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This Heavenly Life said...

How are you so good at this?! Lovely.

Especially because JUST TODAY I noticed the length of my daughter's slim calf. Her smooth shoulder that's no longer soft, but angular. I've got a post in mind for it, in fact. You've captured such truth with this beautiful comparison. But, you always do :)

Scrapping in Circles said...


Stephanie said...

How did I miss this?! So sorry!

You always hear that kids grow up so fast (I've even seen it with our nieces and nephews), but it's neat how you broke it down to one particular aspect of growth and focused on that. I never would have thought of the metaphor with the trees - really neat.

Really appreciate you joining in!