Monday, April 26, 2010

Captain Underpants, the sequel

It worked before, so I thought I'd try it again. While L is perfectly capable of using the potty when it suits her, she's equally capable of filling her diaper when she can't be bothered to interrupt her activity. Her big sister was just like that, and what lured E into the world of the diaper-free was the allure of (drumroll, please):


I was pulling out some more summery clothes for L and found the stash of 2T unders. Why not? I thought. I asked L if she wanted to begin wearing unders like her sister. L was very intrigued. E was put out: But, Mama! She still wears diapers! You can't wear unders if you wear diapers! And then I reminded her that she had worn unders over her diapers for months. This made L even happier.

We laid out L's outfit and she carefully chose a pair of unders to wear over her diaper. I was proud of her, I told her, and asked her if she wanted to show her daddy what she was wearing. This is a girl who especially loves to bask in her daddy's pride.

But L had bigger plans. I no want to show Daddy my unders I wearing on my diaper. I want to show Daddy ALL MY UNDERS!

So she grabbed the whole pile and threw it down the stairs,

which is how it came to be raining unders in our home yesterday. But if it works as it did for her sister, and the unders help L transition without stress to the world of the diaper-free, then I don't even care. Really, flying underpants is barely even worth noticing in the midst of our daily cacophany.

So tell me, dear Internet, what is your philosophy of handmedown unders? L is quite proud to be wearing what was once her sister's, and I didn't save any that were visibly discolored, but now that she's attached herself to this collection I wonder if we've encountered another item in the category of "Entitled to New."


In news even more important than the state of garb of L's tushie, one of my very favorite people had a baby early this morning. Welcome to the world, little Clare. G has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of his partner-in-crime. He (and we) are very pleased. Pin It

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Laura said...

To cute. Umm, if they are washed and from her sister why not?? If they were from someone I might think twice but hey she's wearing them over the diaper right now anyways. It's all family love lol