Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Orange bedsheets

I haven't written about L's sleep because it's been so frustrating. She's been fighting against being in her crib since about exactly the day after we assembled her brother's crib. (Meaning: if we'd addressed her issues a little faster, we could have wheeled her crib across the hall and avoided a huge crib-building headache.) Then, when we traveled to our friends to ride out the blizzard and when the girls traveled there again when I was in the hospital to have G, L slept on an air mattress. And since her exposure to the air mattress she refused to return to her crib. So she's been sleeping on an air mattress ever since. It's been on the floor of her room. You know, right next to her crib. And she's been sleeping terribly on it - waking up multiple times every night.

We planned to buy her a bed this summer. I don't know why this summer, except that we moved E from crib to bed in the summer and in my mind that was fixed as the time to do it. The time of being two-and-a-half, the season of not really needing blankets, the time of I'll be back at work and getting paid again to fund a furniture purchase.


We bought a bed. The lovely husband assembled it yesterday. I got her a rainbow quilt set and a bright pink fleecy blanket and because it's her favorite color, bright orange percale sheets. She came home to find it in her room last night. And she was one excited big girl, sleeping in her big girl bed.

And thus, this month's poem, a haiku:

From cradle to crib
To low air mattress, all to
Sleep on orange sheets.

And she didn't sleep perfectly last night, but she slept much better. Pin It


This Heavenly Life said...

Good for her! I'm thinking the day may never come when I willingly take Lauren out of her crib. She's a rambunctious little one, and not having bars around her to hold her back will probably prove deleterious to my patience. And sleep. But if you can do it and survive...there is hope on the horizon.

hannah said...

My little one was a terrible sleeper until we moved her to her own big-girl bed at 18 months. That was the best thing we ever did. I hope your bed-transition works just as well, or better!

LazyBones said...

I'm afraid to ever move mine OUT of the crib! Not only does he sleep well in there (and it took us a long time to get to that point), but he plays semi-quietly for 30-45 minutes after waking up, while I scurry around getting ready for the day. I shudder to imagine if he could just hop out on his own when he first woke up! I'd have to start getting up way earlier to ever make it out of the house on time! He might have to stay in that crib until kindergarten!

Melissa said...

I'm so glad that it is better, and I LOVE the rainbow quilt. I can see why she was excited to sleep under it- very big girl! :) I have a 16-month-old, and I too fear the day that we have to move her to a big girl bed. I still have time, but it is helpful to hear that you were able to do it. Good luck in the coming nights!

Emily said...

Congratulations to L! She sounds like a determined little one, deciding when to potty train herself and when to move herself into a big girl bed, all on her own terms. I like her already! And I'm glad you got her the orange sheets!

Stephanie said...

That's great! Congrats to both of you on the move to the Big Girl Bed! Wishing you many restful nights ahead!

Stephanie said...

PS Thanks so much for joining in PerPoTues!