Friday, February 12, 2010

Still life with toilet

E has a potty groupie. Whenever she announces her need to go, L says I need to go to the potty! Note that she didn't say she needed to use the potty. She just needs to be there.

For some reason, E loves the company. So E uses the potty and L keeps her company in the potty. Last night they were in there together for 30 minutes. We don't care; they're happy and self-entertained and every so often L emerges briefly before re-entering so we know that the little one hasn't fallen in or anything.

It just amuses us, because oh, is that one small bathroom.

This is what I found this morning. One tiny bathroom, accessorized with: one basketball, two light-up swords, one doll, two stacking rings, three soft toys, one dress-up purse, and tucked under the donut seat insert, one clown wig. Extra toilet paper rolled up and waiting on the toilet.

And that stool is filthy. Can't they clean while they're in there?

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cndymkr / jean said...

Is there ever any "success" while they're in there?

This Heavenly Life said...

Hehe :) Clown wig.

Today our bathroom included: a toy baby bottle, one shoe, an empty tp roll, a valentine's day teddy bear, a long strand of pink yarn, a tennis ball, a beloved throw blanket, and a sippy cup perched on top of the kandoo wet wipes.

But that's in our large, main bathroom. Yours is way more fun.

Kara said...

now THAT is funny!

Rayne of Terror said...

Yes it does, only because I have a son there's a layer of urine and liquid soap on everything. Also piles of clothes because he has to get completely undressed to use the toilet.

a li'l bit squishy said...

almost exactly, except it's a half deflated purple yoga ball instead of the basketball. oh the bathroom *sigh*