Thursday, February 4, 2010

Because I love alliteration

Would you like to hear about something other than my impending birth for a change? Yes? Too bad.

Today my OB told me that were it not for my previous successful VBAC, she'd be ready to give up on me and send me right to surgery for another c-section. But! I have something that sounds simply awesometastic: I have a Proven Pelvis.

So, then!

We have a bit of a timing issue. We're supposed to get enough snow this weekend that we're being advised to be ready to shelter in place for three to five days.  Hmm.  We're being told that it should be more dramatic than the last freak storm in December, and aren't we lucky, two freak storms in one season. That last freak storm so strained our county's resources that our street was never actually plowed at all. After several days of the main roads getting all the attention, our snow was sort of mushed down by local traffic. And then we had a warm spell, and it melted. But let's think about that. Past due date? Shelter in place? No plowing?

Well thank goodness I have the secret weapon: my proven pelvis.

I can't control the weather or the route of the snow plows but I can believe in my body and be ready for what comes. So I'm going to incorporate this phrase into my conversations this weekend, and probably for all time.

Your car is nicer than mine, but I have a proven pelvis. I never brushed my hair today, but at least I have a proven pelvis.

Bring it on, snow, because my unimpressive car has all-wheel drive and I,
I have a proven pelvis. Pin It


cndymkr / jean said...

A "proven pelvis". Now that's not a phrase you normally hear. I guess it's a good thing. Or at least it would be if you weren't about to be hit with the snowstorm. How long is she going to let you go before she induces?

Ninotchka said...

You need to find a way to play these words on one of our words with friends matches. :)