Monday, January 18, 2010


Am I nesting, I was asked the other day. I didn't have to think about it. No nesting. No time for nesting. No energy for nesting.

When I was full-term with E I painted stripes on the dining room walls and when I was full-term with L I installed shelves in our foyer closet and reorganized the linen closet and I'm full-term with the Groundhog now, my OB told me so just today, and this house is as disorganized as it's ever been and I'm doing nothing whatsoever about it.

I haven't done nothing. The boy's room is looking good. It's freshly painted and there are fun robot handles on the closet doors and I've framed several prints and would have hung them if we weren't out of picture hooks but the marks are measured on the wall.

I made a mobile of the solar system across his ceiling. Is it nesting if the focus of my attention has been the sway of the air currents above us?

The boy will spend a lot of his early months stuck sunnyside-up under those air currents, if we ever get his crib assembled, that is.

The project that has been itching me isn't physical, it's digital. If you're reading via a feed reader you'll never know the difference but if you're on the site directly you'll see I muted the colors, changed the header photo, added a third column. I've never written any code before and I'm feeling rather proud of my little project's results to date. I want to degirlify around here a little; soon this place will be a repository for boy stories, too.

There's a new element on the left sidebar called Not Ever Silent. It displays the links to the five most recent posts of the Tumblr microblog I started recently to record the funny stuff the crazy monkeys say. That might be of more interest to me than anybody else but I like the idea of a little space dedicated to conversational posterity.

And soon, if I can pull it off, I'm going to add tabs up top. Then I'll add a boy to our family. And then I'll change the photo, and the title, both to reflect our new flavor of this blessed crazy life.

Dreaming. Planning. I'm doing it on terra firma and in cyberspace and in outer space. Is it nesting? I don't know. But it is exciting.

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Emily said...

I love the new look and, I have to tell you, I've been really curious about what you're going to do with your blog's title once you add that little boy into the mix. Kind of like, 'What are you going to name him?' but, you know, for a blog. What a funny world--I'm wondering about blog changes while you're contemplating major life changes!

Oh, and I think the Not Ever Silent space is a GREAT idea! I may have to copy you there!

Ninotchka said...

Exciting, indeed!

Uncle Matt said...

It all looks very good, and I'm enjoying my nieces' nuggets of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The room is out of this world!
Love, Grams

a li'l bit squishy said...

The room is gorgeous. And this post brought me out of my feed reader, so bravo! I am looking forward to the cyber changes that will mirror or at least accompany your life changes. How beautiful life is with one more person to love so wholey!