Sunday, January 31, 2010

A dream almost realized

In 2005 we bought this 4-bedroom house with the dream that we'd fill those three other rooms with sleeping children. Today we put the crib in the last room, the same crib that we first filled, and now that we're ready to fill at last, for the last.

A big thank you to Mr. Love himself, handyman extraordinaire and generous friend, and to his ladies, who entertained our ladies, so that we could assemble a baby room, and not at all at the last minute.

It's still not a dream complete because we'll have those rooms filled with our beautiful babies, but the first two, at least, don't so much believe in the sleeping. Maybe this last one will show them what they're missing. Pin It


Nonnash said...

I couldn't have imagined doing anyting less. Told ya he was handy. Go figure!

randomblogette said...

I love the bedding. Great color combo!

cndymkr / jean said...

That is one gorgeous crib. And I wouldn't count on them sleeping any better, babies have the habit of waking up and demanding to be fed. So rude. (just kidding)

LazyBones said...

The room looks great! But where will I sleep when I come for my annual visit, now? I figured you'd take that into account when you did your family planning. ;) I hope the Groundhog is a sleeper extraordinaire!