Sunday, December 13, 2009

The great birthday weekend extravaganza recap

On Friday we power-surged through both L's birthday and the first night of Chanukah, such that by the time we neared the end of the gift-wrapping overload, L never even opened her last three gifts. She was done. She was satisfied with what she had. She was overstimulated and had lost interest in this strange concept of 'presents.'

On Saturday night, the second night of Chanukah, she discovered that lo! Presents! Presents could be kinda nice.

Tonight when I brought up the girls' small stack of gifts from the basement where their Night Three stash was hiding, L ran at me with two hands wide open. She tried to grab them all from me. Yay! she yelled. Presents!

She's got this pastime figured out now.


E asked me: how do you know if the baby likes the food you eat? I thrummed her skin gently with my fingers, then I poked her. "If he likes it, he gives me little happy kicks like that, and if he doesn't like it, he gives me cranky kicks." She clarified: but what if he doesn't like it? What if he feels sluggy when the food falls on him? I clarified: "Well, there's two parts to my belly. The food is in my stomach; the baby's in a different part of my belly. He's in my uterus. He won't get sluggy from my eating." She was reassured.


L stubbed her toe and cried a little. I picked her up, kissed her head, smoothed her hair, squeezed her to me. "It's okay, L," I told her, and I set her down again. She began to run away again, happy again and I said wistfully to nobody in particular, "my baby is two!" She stopped, turned to me and said sagely, It's okay, Mommy. And then she finished running away from me.


The girls got capes and toy guitars and spent a fair amount of this weekend playing Supergirl!, a game of their own invention whose prerequisites, as far as I could tell, amounted to being caped and pantsless, jumping off furniture while shouting Supergirl!, and wearing their guitars on their backs and running through the house banging into every wall and piece of furniture in their paths.


While L was pantsless, she sometimes took it upon herself to de-diaper, as well. She's doing very well with getting those pee-pees in that potty; not so well with the rediapering. Imagine the good timing that when she emerged post-pee-pee she found her sister climbing up on her grandfather's back for a pony ride. L climbed on, too, for there is nothing like the thrill of riding bareback.


I guess to thank him for the ride, the last thing E did before she said goodbye to all her family was to share something she loves with her grandfather.

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