Sunday, December 6, 2009

Portrait of the cookie maker

We have a set of cookie recipes that are not bound as would be an ordinary cookbook but are on individual cards whose storage box is long lost. These recipes are scattered amongst the girls' playthings: some have been used as bookmarks or telescopes or hats for Carler or blankets for a baby doll. Some have been chewed on by one teething toddler or another. Some have been recycled by a frustrated mama who is not winning the War on Chaos.

Sometimes, the girl will come across a recipe, and despite being unable to read, will insist we must make This! Recipe!

Because It's! Delicious!

Sometimes the mama will agree to the fervor because we have all those ingredients in the house and the girl is cute.

Sometimes the mama will busy herself preparing the kitchen and the girl will climb patiently up on a stool. Sometimes the girl will climb impatiently up on a stool and start yelling, Mama! When can I add the Next! Thing!

Sometimes the mama will be reaching into the fridge for that next thing and have to stop, mid-action, to watch her daughter chastising inanimate objects.

(she's always chastising those inanimate objects)

December 6, 2009
Portrait of a girl who yells at the Kitchen-Aid mixer's bowl.

You may be wondering, what kind of thing does one say when yelling in a faux-baritone voice at small kitchen appliances?

Hey, you silly thing! Stop stretching my face! Pin It