Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Inverted moo

The other two weren't like this. And it makes me shudder with the possibility of horror: even as I love to stand in defiance of stereotypes and assumptions, what if it's true? What if boys really are even more physical than girls?

More specifically and less assumptively: what if this boy-fetus is even more physical than his two very, very, very physical sisters?

He moves inside me like ocean waves crashing against the breakers. E hiccuped. L strummed her fingers.

He's moshing. He's a mosh pit of one. He's at a 24-hour rave.

He lurches and rolls, lurches and rolls. He feels like he's working on something...gaining momentum...trying to dislodge heavy equipment...start an avalanche...

...tip a cow. I feel like he's trying to tip me over. He's cow tipping, from the inside out. Pin It