Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Portrait during, portraits after

Both our chickies spent a long time bald, mistaken for boys, top-nude. E was already three when she had her first haircut. L cut out of the shiny-skull game a little earlier than her sister ever did, and so tonight she was initiated as a salon-goer, just short of two.

Those curls in the back? Gone forever except for the lock they saved for her 'First Haircut' certificate. (I loved those curls.) Those stray pieces in the front? Still so short they haven't yet gotten cut at all.

E also got a little trim, only her third cut ever. She wants to grow her hair so long that it will tuck into my shoes, Mama! but I convinced her to get it evened out, just a little, only since we'd be there with L, anyway. "Show her how it's done - please?" Sometimes, you just have to call on a Hero Big Sister.

The fancy little haircutting place where we take the girls has individual TV screens in front of each station so that each child can select the cartoon of her choice for maximum distraction. It also cleverly has an ice cream shop next door.

Our Purple Girl and our Pink Girl - short-haired dessert seekers.

L's hair is still damp from the haircut as she digs into her Cherries Jubilee. She picks her ice cream based on color. I want duh pink one! Pink! Yay! She's not so little, our little one. She speaks in full sentences and has her own favorite color and now possesses a cute little bob of a hairdo. Another milestone passed. Goodness, she looks so pretty like this. And so, so big.

(Good thing we get to have some Baby immersion one more time.)

And the best part about L? Except for the aborted hairdryer maneuver, no fuss at all. God bless agreeable children. Pin It