Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Surrogate

It's time for another episode in The Continuing Adventures of CarlerTM.

We were all getting dressed this morning. The big girl proclaimed, I want ponytails! So the little girl asserted, Mama, I want poeytails! "Go," I said to the girls. "Bring me rubber bands and clips."

The big girl sat obligingly. Comb, part, pull, tug, twist, pull, tug, twist. Two ponytails. One happy girl.

The little girl sat. Mama, I get poeytails! Comb, part, pull - . "Sweet girl, hold still." Comb, part - "Love..." Comb, part, pull - . "E, sit right here in front of your sister so she looks straight ahead. Tell her a story." I don't know what to say! "Why don't you tell her about when you met Carler?"

Okay, Mama! Well, L, Carler is my friend. I've known him since before he was born because he was a baby in my tummy. His daddy gave him to me and I'm his mommy. The doctors cut me open and put him in me for until he was born. And then he was born and I gave him to his other mommy. And then Enny and then Henny were in my belly, too. And they're also my friends because I'm one of their mommies. And now I have two babies in my belly. Twins! They're in my belly for Carler's family. So that's why I have babies in my belly - just like you have, Mama! You have a baby and I have two babies. Okay, L? So Carler was my first baby in my tummy but I have lots of babies and that's why he's not made but he's my friend.

What L thought of that story, I don't know. But I have always wondered about the origins of Carler - and I got L's ponytails done. Pin It