Thursday, October 22, 2009

Through their eyes

What was most important to you as a small child? Do you remember?

How did the world look to you when you still had to look upwards to see it?

The girls, they're full of questions. The questions might be about the bug on the window of the man walking funny on the sidewalk or the shadows in the night but they're not, really. They're always about the same things.

Am I safe? Do I matter? How do I belong? How am I special?

They hear a story; they ask me questions. I fill in the blanks. I embellish. I satisfy their questions and their curiosities and I realize, every time, that again I'm answering those same questions.

How do kids matter? How are kids special? How are kids heard in this grown-up world?

That's why I love telling them stories. It fulfills a creative challenge for me; it provides a narrative embrace for them.

And in any way I can I love another reason to remind them that they are very, very special, and even more loved.

My latest nursery rhyme column is up today at Simple Kids. Please enjoy, and hug a little one. Pin It