Friday, October 9, 2009

Let them eat cake

As I was getting dressed on Wednesday morning E stopped me from pulling down my shirt.

Mama, why do you have a bandaid?

"Oh! I got a shot yesterday, sweetie. I got a flu shot."

You got a shot? I get shots when it's my must have a birthday NEED TO MAKE A CAKE!!!

(Also known as: following a thought to its logical conclusion.)

What I didn't tell her then but did tell her last night was that she and her sister were both scheduled to receive their own flu shots today. Their daddy picked them up early from school and delivered them to the flu clinic at their pediatrician's office and successfully bribed their forgiveness with a trip to their favorite ice cream shop. By the time I got home, the shots were for each of them but a distant memory, a bright bandaid, a tattoo out of the doctors' treasure box, and...a solicitation to bake some cakes this weekend. Pin It