Sunday, August 2, 2009

Morning readiness

"Okay," called out the daddy. "Time for everyone to get dressed!"

I had just gotten out of the shower, and E was running around naked, having joined my shower. L saw me in my towel and E in her birthday suit and decided to join the party. She removed her diaper. Then she ran away.

I noted that she needed a new cover of some sort and yelled to the lovely husband to see if he could take care of it, but he had gone downstairs and E was asking for help unzipping the zipper of her dress.

E was mostly dressed and I was half-dressed and L ran back to us. Proudly, she grabbed her crotch and yelled her current favorite word: mine! She was wearing her sister's underpants.

Cute, I thought, but not absorbent. That will need to be addressed. And I was in the middle of helping E zip the zipper on her dress. But E found it to be much less cute. L! she yelled. Those are my unders! And you're not old enough for unders! And those are MY unders! Take them off and get a diaper!

L grinned and ran away. And then she came back. She wasn't wearing her sister's underpants anymore. She had listened to her sister's instructions. She came back into the bedroom wearing one of her sister's overnight pull-ups.

Unfortunately, it was the used, bloated, filled-to-capacity pull-up that E had slept in and discarded on the floor instead of the garbage can when she had jumped into my shower.

This story brought to you as a noteverstill PSA: refuting the myth that girls aren't as gross as boys. Pin It