Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dinner prep

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There was a time, I think, when E was Carler's mommy. But now, it seems, Carler and E are siblings. Despite this, he has his own parents. I was amused to learn that as E's big brother, Carler's mommy is not me. This makes sense, though, to the degree that I don't remember giving birth before that morning E made her appearance in the world. So I asked E who Carler's parents are, and in case they'd be any good to me for social networking, what do they do.

Carler's mommy's name is Kenny and his daddy's name is Barnoo. Barnoo told Carler it's dinner time because Kenny was cooking all day. Barnoo's job is to get Carler to come eat. Kenny's job is the cooking, because she likes to cook. Kenny cooked scarabus for dinner because that's Carler's favorite.

"What does scarabus taste like?"

Shh!! I'll tell you. It tastes like apples. But you have to say that quietly because my sister L might want some if she hears that. And Kenny's food isn't really made of, so then L would cry when we don't give her any of Carler's yummy scarabus. Pin It