Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seating arrangements

This is a story of three chairs.

The first chair sits in the corner of our living room and is too small.

It's too small for my bottom, anyway, but it's perfect for the girls. This was my rocking chair when I was little. They like to stand on it, holding the back, and shout Rock! ROCK! while they look like they're practicing for their future lasso demonstrations on the mechanical bronco.

The second chair sits in the corner of our dining room and is too big.

This chair has a story that begins with our wedding plans. Shortly after M and I told the fam about our engagement I was contacted by my uncle's new wife, whom I had never met. She told me that she is a textile artist and she wanted to make our chuppah for our wedding ceremony. We never met before the wedding but via email we discussed colorways and design influences and I wasn't sure what I'd see on our wedding day, but I was excited to see it. You can see that the fabric is hand-embellished with glass stars and beads and paillettes. She even hand-lettered a line from the Hebrew-language ceremony onto the fabric, despite not knowing any Hebrew.

We arrived to our wedding location on the morning of the ceremony to find my new aunt hanging the chuppah. It was stunning and I was so excited. It received so many compliments was really unlike any other chuppah either we or any of our guests had ever seen. We had a wonderful day and a fantastic party and then M and I left. We assumed that when my mother gathered up the gifts and wedding accoutrements she had taken down the chuppah as well.

Most people we know who have their own chuppahs made subsequently hang them in their homes as commemorative tapestries. We were surprised to find out that my new aunt is not merely a textile artist, she's a furniture artist. Our chuppah came back to us as a chair. I think I might love it even more like this, because I am fairly sure we have the one and only chuppah-chair in the whole wide world. It also stands out for being perhaps the only item in reachable height that I am emphatically firm with the girls about never touching. It's just too delicate, but also too big and too beautiful to remove from their potential accessibility.

The third chair gets moved around but generally stays somewhere in the family room. It is just right.

This, as you can see, is the training potty. L loves to climb up on it; it's probably one of her very favorite sitting places. Note, however, that she only sits on it fully clothed, and only after she removes the bowl that would catch whatever goods might validate the existence of such a seating option. So she's sitting on a bowl-less toilet, but this is still better than the chair's historical function, which was as her big sister's jewelry box. Pin It