Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

We had tickets today for the girls' first Major League Baseball game. The two local teams played each other: Baltimore Orioles vs. Washington Nationals.

On the way in.

Most of the day's pictures are blurry and I didn't realize it until we got home. 'Tis one of the hazards of "sharing" the camera with little photogs. They don't always remember to keep their wee fingers away from the lens.

Literally interpreting the phrase 'jersey dress.'

It was "Kids' Free Jersey Day" at the ballpark. My heavyweights were both handed Youth XLs.

Settling in.

L was supposed to be a lap baby, as kids under two get in for free, but the tushies of those two heavyweights fit nicely together in E's paid-for seat.


L pronounces 'glasses' as GASSHH! She holds her own in her fist and then rips mine from my face.

Composition with toes.

The girls tasted their first cotton candy, learned to yell CHARGE! at the end of Duh-du-du-du-du-duh-, and danced to Cotton-Eyed Joe.


The Nats didn't start out very well, but they turned it around with a fantastic grand slam.

Out of their seats for the excitement.

The Nats won, 8-5.

Hours later, still dancing.

Then we headed to the diner for a post-game recap over mac and cheese and pancakes and waffles. Before we ordered, E told our waiter, We went to the baseball game! Luckily we were seated in the back of the restaurant because they couldn't sit still. At all. Either of them. We sent them in the corner to dance. The game-day excitement was good for at least a dozen Ring around the Rosies, and they circled and circled in a Youth XL-sized frenzy.

Cotton-Eyed Joe is still dancing in my head but they are finally worn out, and asleep.

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