Saturday, May 16, 2009

The sickbed

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E is recovered now from her fever, but her invisible big brother Carler has fallen ill. She was nurturing the hell out of him all day today. At bedtime she told me she had no hugs for me. She'd have to go to Giant (our grocery store) tomorrow and buy some more. She had to save all the ones she had for Carler.

Mama, I can't snuggle with you right now because Carler feels really, really icky. He was a pirate and he jumped off his pirate ship and he hurt his toe and then he got sick. I have a lot of work to do because after he got sick all his friends got sick, too, because they all jumped off too, because all of them are pirates, and that's why I'm snuggling all of them. Inchy and Binchy and Enny and Henny and Gobby are all here, Mama, and they're all sick. I just gave them their medicines and now I'm giving them pats. It's okay, Carler. It's okay, Inchy and Binchy. Come here, Enny and Henny, come closer. Gobby doesn't have blanket, Mama. Gobby doesn't have sheet, either. Mama, will you take me to Giant tomorrow? I need to buy more hugs and I think after all my kids are sick I also have to buy more medicines. Binchy's crying, Mama. I have to make him feel better. Good night, Mama. Pin It