Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Tale of Two Sisters

Or, The Gourmand and The Freegan

E burst into tears today when I tried packing up her things when I picked the girls up from daycare. She hadn't drunk her juice box and she wanted it in the car. My car is sticky enough. We don't drink juice boxes in the car. I reminded her of that and she began melting. Bu-bu-but I'm thirsty and my milk is all gone! I took her cup to the kitchen and filled it with the milk that the daycare center uses for morning cereal.

No, Mama! I don't like that milk!
"Why not? It's 2%, just like you drink at home. It's the same."
No! It's! NOT! It doesn't taste good, Mama.
"What's wrong with it?"
It's not organic!

[How does she even know that we buy organic milk for our household? How does she even know that word? Where DID this big kid come from?]

Having convinced her to compromise her ideals just this once (I am such a good parent), I got both girls in the car and we finally headed towards home. Somewhere about a third of the way home I realized that L was suspiciously quiet. As soon as I got a chance I turned around to take a good look at her and I saw that she was enjoying a bagel half.

I hadn't given her any food.

There was crusty dried-out cream cheese on that bagel.

Let's hope it was leftover from this morning's breakfast, because she didn't go to school yesterday, so if it wasn't today's bagel than it dates back to Monday. Yum.

Both girls were just sticky and gross so I dumped them into the bathtub together as soon as we got home. After I scrubbed two bodies' worth of playground dirt and toe lint and orange pepper chin dribble and black-bean-in-the-neck-folds powder and purple paint from this belly and sparkle paint from that forearm and something colorless and sticky from that knee and diaper cream from those nether crevices I gave both girls a few minutes to play in the murky gray water. And it was then that L grabbed the blue shampoo cup and filled it with the Superfund-eligible wastewater and swallowed a hefty gulp. And then she smacked her lips.

Those everything bagels do make a person thirsty. Pin It