Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to spot a cokehead

The red-rimmed nostrils. The dry, bright eyes. The unsteady gait.

After surgery for one most amazing nasosacrimal duct stent, that's how our baby looked today, too. Unsteady from the after-effects of anesthesia, and in the first hours of a promised 24-hour slow nosebleed from having her sinuses punctured, she was ready to pose as a poster child for the dangers of addiction. They'd have to put a phone book under her little tushie for the photo shoot. She's pretty short for a druggie.

Unlike Monday, I managed not to cry today -- until we'd been home for several hours following the completion of the surgery, and L looked up at me from the floor where she was playing, and smiled. Something was different, and it took me a moment to figure out what it was. That's when I cried.

There was no gunk oozing out from her left eye, and her eyelashes were dry. She's fifteen months old today, and until today we've never seen her with two dry eyes.

Our daughter looks like a drug addict and we couldn't be happier. Pin It