Sunday, February 22, 2009

Explaining (I'm doing it wrong)

Today I took E to the bris of the gorgeous new baby brother of one of her classates.

E: Who's that?
Me: That's the mohel. He's the man who will do the bris.
E: What is a mohel?
Me: He's sort of halfway between a rabbi and a doctor.
E: What's he doing to the baby on top of him?
Me: That's the baby's penis. He's cutting off an extra piece of skin.
E: Why?
Me: It's a promise to God.
E: Do I get a bris?
Me: No, sweetie, it's only for babies, and it's only for boys.
E: Because I don't have a penis?
Me: That's right, love.
E: If I go get a penis at the store and be right back, then can you ask the mohel so I can have a turn? Pin It