Monday, January 19, 2009

Some people associate snow with innocence

Today was day three of a four day weekend. At one point I lay face-down on the couch. E asked what I was doing and I said, "giving myself a time-out." She asked why and I said I needed two minutes of quiet. She sat next to my head and kept talking to me. I asked where my quiet was. I don't know! she helpfully answered. I guess she wasn't very comfortable because she stood up (On The Couch!) and sat back down - on my head. I asked her (from beneath her butt) how that was okay and she said, it's okay because now that I'm comfy I'm done talking now! You can have your quiet, Mama!

The rest of the metro DC area will remember this as the inauguration weekend of President Obama, but I will forever remember it as the weekend that L realized that she could give as good as she gets. She's found her assertive, our little angel baby. She's stolen toys and books right out of her sister's hands. She's pushed to get prime Mama lap space. She's pinched when she wasn't handed food fast enough to her liking. She will climb up anything in a way that would be inspiring if it wasn't terrifying. We've spent 13 months teaching E to be gentle with her new little sister and suddenly we're in the unanticipated position of defending the elder child. E, the aggrieved! E, the innocent! How quaint.

Today challenged us. Big, fat snowflakes fell outside the window as we ate our bagels for breakfast -- big enough and fat enough that we were motivated to get the girls dressed to play outside. Two layered outfits. Two pairs of socks. Two wrangles into snowpants. Four stuffs into snow boots. Jackets and mittens and hats and warm clothes for ourselves and by the time we all got outside, the snow, naturally, had stopped.

January 19, 2009
Portrait of overkill

That was the accumulation. Impressive, no? But we declared the morning Worthwhile, because: We Should Take the Girls Outside Even for Near-Invisible Amounts of Snow. And also because: Watching Little Girls Who Think They Know How To Walk Try Performing Off-Carpet In SnowPants Is Awesome.

So, inward we trekked, to wet clothes piles and hardwood-mopping and our Self-Nakedizing Girls did their customary thing. Extra load of laundry! Lunch! And argue two children into sleeping! And once the girls had awoken and the laundry had dried, it began to Snow In Earnest.

We went back out.

On the inaugural parade route in her mind.

E made a new friend. Literally.

And then, inward again! Laundry! And little people nudity! And L making her sister crazy! She's learned a phrase: her first two-word phrase. After she steals the Cheez-it from your hand, you know, the one you were just about to put in your mouth, she looks at you all big-eyed and grinny and says sincerely, Dank yuu!!

Because long weekends aren't innately fun enough, I had promised E we'd make cookies. So while the daddy figure got to prep L for bed, E and I prepared batter. To wit: I never showered today but twice I overdressed for the outdoors, sweated until it froze on me, and now I was going to cover myself in flour.

Who doesn't want to be my friend?

For variety, we pulled out the cookie press. E has a box of cookie recipes printed on individual cards and you should know that she selects our recipe based on card color. We had been planning to use the cookie cutters but that wasn't in the card. She was intrigued by the press and as it's the closest thing we own to weaponry I tried to make the most of the aggression-releasing opportunity to pull a trigger repeatedly.

I kid, I kid.


Respect my authoritay. Respect our butter cookies.

On tap for tomorrow: E has asked to spend more time with her new BFF Carrot Nose. And we're planning a visit to the aquarium (give me strength--they don't allow strollers). And there are some yummy fizzy beverages in the fridge awaiting a toast to our new President. I guess we'll pair them with cookies. Luckily, I know there are enough and nobody should need to fight over them.

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