Monday, December 7, 2009

Maybe all of these holidays are a little too close together

Tell me again the story of Chanukah, E requested from the backseat of the car one morning last week.

"A long, long time ago," I tell her, the Jewish people had their community synagogues just like we do today, but there was also one synagogue that was more important than all the others. In English we call it the Holy Temple."

And because like all the stories we tell again and again, this one has its well-rehearsed script, she interjected: it was the castle of synagogues!

"Yes," I agree, "it was the castle of synagogues. And the people who were in charge of the land where the Jews lived were the Greeks. The Greeks didn't like how Jewish people pray because the Greeks believed in lots and lots of gods and we believe in just one God. So the Greeks came into the Temple and made a big mess. They--"

She interrupted me, breaking from our script: but, Mama? She hesitated. But...I thought that the Indians lived in the Temple.


Sweetie, are you thinking of Thanksgiving? [Yes.] The Indians didn't live in the Temple. They lived in teepees."


In addition to my regular monthly column at Simple Kids, which will be up later this month, I have a special article posting over there today about Chanukah, which we'll begin celebrating on Friday night (without teepees). Writers all have pieces of their work that make them more proud and less proud, and although this little article is a departure from my customary writing style I'm rather fond of how it turned out. Go check it out. Pin It

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Emily said...

I'm clicking over to read your article right away! And, let me just say, I'm so glad to read your Chaunukah story because my daughter has SO MANY questions about this holiday and honestly, I don't have very many answers. Thanks!